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Shah Alam

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Shaha Alam


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Chief Executives7
Civil Engineers12

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Construction, Architecture, Interior Design12
EngineeringNot specified.
Mining, Oil & Gas8
Real Estate, Property8


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DegreeB. Eng (Civil)National University of Singapore1985
HND/DiplomaPRRANational College of Appraisal, Georgia, USA1993
MastersMBAUniversity of Dubuque, Iowa, USA1991

Other Qualifications, Memberships, Certifications

Professional Engineer, Board of Engineers, Malaysia.
Member of Institution of Engineers, Singapore and Malaysia;
Member of ASEAN Engineer Register.
Member of Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia.

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Primavera 3
Microsoft Project

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Not available now.

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A role that allows me to introduce best practices in OEMS and thus maximize staff performance and teamwork and bringing in maximum profit to company and shareholders.

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Ideally matching my previous drawn salary of USD20,000 per month whilst working as CEO for ONX Group and I am flexible enough to accept the norms of the company and to grow the company and be rewarded accordingly based on performance.

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Chief Operating Officer
From :01-Jan-2012
To: 01-Jan-2012


28 years successful global experience using multi-disciplinary skills in business, company and operations management delivering profits in cross border and multi-industry businesses. Built teams and performance based culture through leadership in multiple and complex roles. Operated with full P/L responsibility including several Oil and Gas ventures and advised Board.
Aspire to be a great profit contributor to Company/Employer.

Work Experience

COO of above two companies (Gross Development value RM 3.8 Billion and RM 6 billion respectively)
 Tropicana Danga Bay Sdn Bhd and Tropicana Danga Cove Sdn Bhd are both related to Dijaya Corporation and Iskandar Waterfront (Ekovest) both ultimate parent companies are public listed entities in Malaysia.
 Mr. Lee’s role as COO both companies involved in mixed use development and he worked under the direction of a Project Management Committee where he was a member and Chair. He also led the market intelligence for Group.
 His key achievement was to steer the team towards the ideals of OEMS as he let all key functions providing guidance to the departments of design and development planning, project and consruction, contract and procurement, finance and administration, sales and marketing, human resource and talent development, credit control and customer service, maintenance and quality assurance.

ONX GROUP 2007 - 2012
CEO ONx Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Assets exceed USD 5 billion)
 ONx Group is a private venture capital group with its HQ in Panama and operates regionally mainly in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its core business is in strategic investment in Upstream and Downstream businesses and seek to enhance values through inter-business marriage ot its various investments.
 ONx Malaysia is the overall operational arm of the group providing full project, value engineering and asset management with regards to the Group’s investements, proprietary reservoir engineering software, technology, land banks, buildings, machinery and skilled resources.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to operate with P/L responsibility and lead the expansion, value creation and development of assets globally for the ONx Group. By using power thinking he maximized the use of ONx Group’s various resources such as its land, buildings, machinery, proprietary software in reservoir engineering, knowledge of FEED and FPSO technology and skilled resources. He analysed and planned strategic investments and formed value-added partnerships to grow, preserve and enhance the values of ONX Group. Mr. Lee also initiated investment plan with Malaysia Oil Refinery, a quasi government body to build an Oil Refinery on an island North of Langkawi in Malaysia.
 His key achievement was to streamline operations using OEMS techniques for both the corporate environment and its day-to-day operations; to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in a number of strategic operational areas in the Oil and Gas Reservoir Egineering Services, FEED and FPSO; the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production with Rizal Energy Development Inc. (REDI) and improving engineering expertise in subsea engineering, horizontal drilling technology, providing integrated solutions to owned platform rigs and semi-submersibles, negotiation with Mermaid Engineering on joint ventures with their underwater inspection submersibles vehicle services and partnership with Blue Water Engineering diving services. I grew ONX Group’s business and assets value from USD3 Billion to USD5 Billion and created the ONX brand name.
 He developed the coporate culture of Passion, Knowledge, Reflection and Progress and created a cooperative and cohesive brotherly values amongst staff and provided guidance to functional departments in the areas of operational management, project and engineering management, investment valuation and divestiture management, financial and administrative management, contract and procurement management, advise on legal matters, human resource and multi-disciplined skillsets development, and review and monitor performance parameters.
 He had also effectively contained operational emergencies.
 Central to the development and growth of the company was an underlying theme for succession planning and discovering and developing new talents and everyone is encourage to have at leats two major skillsets that they could fill two roles.

Head of Infrastructure, Asia Pacific (total value > 500 million)
 Sarawak Shell is a major international oil company employing over 40,000 staff globally and a diverse business in the Oil and Gas sector in the upstream, refinery and downstream activities.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to develop the reference asset plans for Sarawak Shell, plan the efficient use of its land, buildings, machinery, FEED, FPSO and offshore platforms functioning like an OIM, providing input to the subsea engineering and Malampaya team, office and housing needs of Sarawak Shell and led the overall infrastructure & facilities engineering & maintenance in the Asia Pacific region for the corporate environment in SHELL.
 He also developed strategic goals and plans to execute the infrastructure blueprint, refurbishment of old platforms and completion and commissioning the design and delivery of new ones, new housing and office development, planning budgets and delivering key infrastructure on time, within budget and specifications. Streamlined operations throughout the Asia Pacific region integrating the organization through world class management practices, performance standards and operational code of conduct bringing about change and improved performance and efficiency of staff.
 He provided guidance and led the management of the departments in projects, maintenance, HSSE, finance, contract, and strategic planning. He practized the Applaud Awards and trained, developed and motivated staff capabilities and implemented the CSR - we care we share programs. He also responded appropriately to operational emergencies.
 His key achievement was that he successfully planned and implemented the Asia Pacific Regional Hub Strategy making Miri the Technical Hub for Sarawak Shell that could housed 2,000 key personnel’s families, new International School in Shell, new medical centre, new office with ergonomics furnitures and delivering the USD100 million RTOC projects at Miri within a fast track timeframe of 6 months and won the EVP list award for this effort on the RTOC. Additionally, he brought about a rejuvenation of the Infrastructure Plan for Miri as a whole and upgraded the living conditions of personnel living at Piassau Camp and surrounding neighbourhoods. Improved on the facility for the expatriate schooling at the camp.

Managing Director (total value > 2 billion) – consultancy in Oil and Gas.
 Total Design and Development (TDD) is a consultancy servicing a few key clients like Petronas, SHELL and Technip. with full design and project management capability.
 Mr. Lee’s role has been to start-up the company, build a core design and project management team, create business verticals and integrated the operational excellence.
 He successfullt used the concept of power thinking to create new breakthroughs in technology development such as the Quick Build Systems (QBS), Work Matrix Balanced Construction Management Systems (WMBCMS) HM-TECH, to enhance the performance and delivery of the company.
 Functionally, he led and guide the management of the various divisions namely Project and Construction, Design and Engineering, Contract and Procurement, Development and Planning, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development Customer Satisfaction and Retention and created the culture of “Together we advance and plan our future today”.
 His key achievement was the successful start-up of a new co, my invention of the QBS system and the proprietary WMBCMS and the success of growing the TDD business from 0 through USD 2 Billion during my tenure.
 He had managed projects from development to completion including design, costing, labor resources, contract administration, site management, safety and security, scheduling, quality, purchasing, reporting, and financing, cash flow and facilities.
 Some clients and projects are:-
o Consultancy Package (Including Claims, Development, Construction & Project Management)
• US$ 30 million KLIA Infrastructure, AGL and Gas from 03/1997 to 10/1998
Client: KHEC-Bina Puri JV. Project: Airport infrastructure including air-ground lighting and gas pipe systems.
• US$ 500 million Project Management and Rescue Services from 4/2000 to 6/2001.
Client: Chase Perdana Berhad. Projects in Malaysia included UMS Phase 1A and 2A, Banang Heights, Villa Putri, and Leisure Commerce Square, Hospital and Health Care proposals, restructuring of debts, finalization of accounts, project rehabilitation, and P&L management.
• US$ 500 million for Clients – Petronas, SHELL and Technip
Various projects servicing in FEED, FPSO, Subsea engineering, ptoject management, completions and decommissioning of platforms, Gemusut and Malampaya projects, etc.

Construction Manage and Project Manager 1993-1996 (total value >300 million)
 Kuala Lumpur City Centre at RM3.2 Billion at its core development is the single largest real estate development of its time and Kuala Lumpur city Centre Berhad (KLCCB) is the project development arm of Kuala Lumpur City Centre Holdings.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to assist the Employer’s Representative and provide first class development project management services to the Owner - KLCC Holdings - working under KLCC Berhad as Construction Manager for Petronas Twin Towers – Tower 1; Project Manager for Petronas Gas Bhd & Binariang –Telecommunication.
 His key achievement was to complete Petronas Twin Towers – Tower 1 on time and within budget and specifications. He also turned around Binariang Public Utilities Building. Recommended against KLCC/Omni Marco Polo hotel project, wrote the guidelines on site supervision for use by all site personnel, prepared documents in defense of claims, participated in claim management and averted potential claims as I have had documents kept way in advance in anticipation of claims. He also trained both local staff in KLCC as well as contractors’ staff in an effort to achieve better productivity and performance. He was the only project manager with three projects running concurrently at the peak of my duties in KLCC.

Resident Engineer
 Shaw Jurong Development is the development arm of Shaw Brothers – the movie makers.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to represent the Owner – Shaw Brothers as the Project manager cum registered Resident Engineer, taking advice from Consultants and reverting back to Owner’s Projects Controller for commercial matters and reporting to PWD for statutory requirements.
 He led the $45+ million multiplex project including retail, entertainment and commercial for Shaw Organization in Singapore, and the project was on time, within budget and specifications.
 His key achievement was the completion of the project ahead of time within budget and with required quality parameters.

Engineer promoted to Assistant Manager
 Marubeni is a large group from Japan selling construction materials whereas Shimizu is one of the top three construction companies from Japan. Marubeni-Shimizu Consortium was a joint venture between Marubeni and Shimizu formed for the purpose of designing and constructing HDB apartments in Singapore.
 Mr. Lee’s role was that of an Engineer/Assistant Manager engaged to perform management of 4Ms i.e. Money, manpower, materials and methods and to supervise and manage the USD55 million project with multiple phases; saved $1.5 million per phase by introducing new materials and methodology.
 His key achievement was my discovery of the use of Vetonit at SGD 8,50 per 25kg bag compared with Hi-Mol of SGD 16 per 25kg bag resulting in a savings of SGD 3 million per phase and there were 7 phases of construction during my tenure.
 Additionally he contributed to the operating manual on architectural finishing’s as well as streamline interior finishing activities throughout all the various phases of construction of the HDB flats.

Site Engineer

 VSL Productions is a specialist contractor adept at producing precise beams and launching of beams for the MRT phase 303 and 304 projects in Singapore.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to supervise a workforce of 116 in the production and launching of the viaduct beams, for the $15 million Singapore MRT Railway Infrastructure Project for Contract 304 atCommonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Station.
 His key achievement was the successful completion of the viaduct beams without error as a mistake in the alignment would mean a beam of 60ton weight which would have require a disposal cost SGD 100K. There is no tolerant for error and the works were completed on time within budget and with the necessary standards of quality.

Engineer –Earth Science Consultancy
 Dames & Moore is an Earth Science Consultancy originating from USA.
 Mr. Lee’s role was to measure the settlement at Raffles City, conduct soil investigation ad perform engineering design.
 His key achievement was the quick turnaround time for the investigation of collapsed houses at Bintulu for the Bintulu Development Authority, conduct soil investigation for the Pulau Busing offshore oil terminal and perform remedial design for the Mount Faber II landslide at Depot Road.

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