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Electronics Engineering Technicians4
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighers12

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EngineeringNot specified.
Mining, Oil & Gas16


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HND/Diplomainstrumentation engineeringCalcutta (w.b)1991

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Post Applied for QA/QC INSPECTOR (E & I)

Name : Mohammad Ejaz Naiyer
Father’s Name : Mohammad Niyaz Ahmed
Date of Birth : 05.11.1974
Place of Birth : Asthawan
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.
Religion : Islam (Muslim)
Marital Status : Unmarried
Nationality : Indian
Computer Experience : MS-Office, Product in Data Processing

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3000 usd

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Qa/Qc Inspector (E & I)
From :01-Jan-2007
To: 01-Jan-2011


Work Experience


Vill – Post – Asthawan , Via – Chewara, Dist – Sheikhpura, Bihar – 811304,

Seeking responsible & challenging position in the field of quality control inspection (Electrical & Instrumentation).
More than 16 years experience in the field of quality control inspection (Electrical & Instrumentation).

Passed Secondary School Examination in Ist Division from Bihar Board (Patna).
Completion of year: 1987

Technical Qualification
Three Years Diploma as Instrumentation Engineering.
Advance institute of technology Calcutta (W.B)
Completion of year: 1991

Training seminars:
Anderson & greenwood (Crosby) 3 days training of pressure relief valve in U.A.E. at jabal Ali Tyco valves & controls.
Metso automation control valve positioner calibration training in U.A.E at jabal Ali service center.

Farris engineering three days training from 18-02-2008 to 20-02-2008 in Farris service center at Manweir work shop Doha.

Text Resume

Post Applied for QA/QC INSPECTOR (E & I)

Name : Mohammad Ejaz Naiyer
Father’s Name : Mohammad Niyaz Ahmed
Date of Birth : 05.11.1974
Place of Birth : Asthawan
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.
Religion : Islam (Muslim)
Marital Status : Unmarried
Nationality : Indian
Computer Experience : MS-Office, Product in Data Processing


I have got experience above 16 (approx) Years, global & home country in Electrical and instrumentation, field supervision and Quality Inspection, on the side Construction/Com-missioning and maintenance project.
I have worked in Fertilizer, Refinery, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas field. Power and water treatment plant and Industries.

Work Experience :
 Worked as a “Lead QA/QC inspector (E & I)” in mannai corporation, Qatar in Ras gas Project raslaffan from 05.August.2007 till now.

Nature of Job :
Review plans and drawings in accordance with specifications, codes and standards. Familiar with the international industry codes and standards related to intrinsically safe systems and electrical systems for instrumentation such as; ANSI, ISA, NEC, NEMA, API 527, API 598, ANSI/FCI 70-2, ASME B 16.34 in order to follow the quality work.
Conduct activities and inspection in accordance to project Quality Assurance Manual and Quality control inspection plan.
Monitor daily discipline activities and verifies compliance to project procedures specifications and standards. Identify quality problems, reject non-conforming items and initiate, recommend or provide solution to the problems customer sanction/approvals through designated channels.
As per International & project specifications, Instrument calibration, method of statement & as per approved project drawings, supervised, inspected & witnessed calibration workshop, DCS cabinets frame inside SIH,s Instrument cable duct bank, cable pulling from SIH to j.b & control room and RGS conduit, stanchion of instrument devices, Marshalling panel, Junction Boxes installation, Mounting of instrument devices.
Anything not as per standards or specification then making surveillance or non conformance reports.
Carried out daily job activities after receiving RFI (Request for inspection) from Contractor or sub contractor

 Worked with JGC Corporation, Oman at sohar refinery Project, as an QA/QC Inspector (E & I)
Since 01st August 2004 to 5th February 2007.

Nature of job
Liaison with client and sub-contractor during inspection.
Review and approval for the remedial measure for quality related problems.
Perform field inspection to verify conformance to project specification, standards and AFC drawing prior to final acceptance test (FAT).
Witnessed the calibration of instrument like pressure, level, temperature, pressure switch, temperature switch control valves I/P converters, limit switch solenoid valves.
Inspection of cable tray installation conduit, fabricated support of instrument devices and electrical equipments alignment of panel marshalling box, mounting of instrument devices such as pressure, level, temperature transmitter, RTD and thermocouple pressure switch and temperature switch. Cable pulling from control room to J.B to field instruments.
Supervise termination of instrument cable in junction box, marshalling panel
Pressure test of Impulse line
Assist in plant commissioning works, loop checking, Interlock check, P & ID, ILD, and closing punch list items.
Preparation of loop folders


 Worked with Kellogg Brown & Root-Technip jv as QA/QC Inspector (E & I) from 26th May 2002 to 7th April2004 at our company site Q-Chemical project Qatar.

Nature of Job

Checking of all instrument and control cables
Involved in calibration of various types of Instrumentation, transmitter and equipments.
Involved in Impulse/ Air pipe & tubing testing
Carrying out the inspection of work being performed at site or at shop, work and offsite facilities in according with quality control plan
Preparation/ review of quality control job procedure, work inst. Inspection and test plan for field work, progress monitoring and conducting meet
Review of vendor documents, drawing preparation
Knowledge of International standards API, BS, ISA and ISO, NEMA etc
Field installations and acceptance of materials.
Checking technical specification of materials used for Electrical and instrumentations cable
Schedule cable laying and termination etc
Supervision & inspection of work in the field for the installation of electrical and instrumentation equipments like transmitters, Gauges, switches, valves J.Bs, panels and cable tray etc.
Preparation of Deviation statements Analyzing Non-conformities and recommending corrective action
Assisting client for testing and commissioning of Electrical and instruments cable and equipments

 Worked with Kuwait control Co. KOC new gathering center-25 Project, Abdally, Kuwait as QA/QC (E & I) inspector” from 21-feburary 2001 to 12.March.2002.

Nature of job

I was responsible for inspection after installation of equipment in sub-station for switchgears, MCC, Transformers, HV/LV motor, testing and coordinating the commissioning along with power distribution department.
I was involved for testing of cable, meggering, glanding, and termination, functional testing per control circuits, solo run test (rotation, vibration, drive end and non drive end bearing temperature etc) of motors, transformer testing, Bus bar testing and also preparation of commissioning packages.

 Worked with Mitsui engineering and ship building Co. (MES) K.N.P.C- MAFP Project, Mina Al-Ahmadi Kuwait, as a “Instrument Forman” from 04.july.1998 to 09.Dec.2000.

Nature of job

I was responsible for all E & I inspection of all power transformer, switch gear & motor control centers, instrument control panel, cable racks, tray and conduit system, instrument cable, fire fighting system punch listing, processing and updating QC dossier and implementing the QC plan.
Also responsible for the instrument installation and inspection/witnessing for all process control instrument like PT,FT,LT,TT,TG,PG, switches, valves, etc.


 Worked with Asahi General Trading & Contracting Co. WLL. Equate polyethylene project Kuwait as an “Instrument technician ” from 06-feb-1996 to 03-April-1998

Nature of job

Calibration & maintenance of all type of electronic & pneumatic instruments.
Repair & maintain all type of pressure, level, Flow, Temp. Conventional and smart transmitters etc.
Working experience on different manufacturer’s transmitters like Honeywell, Rosemount, Fisher, Yokogawa & Foxboro etc.
Worked on ultrasonic flow meter & magnetic flow meter of Yokogawa model AE 100, 200, 300, Worked on vortex flow meter, micro motion (Emerson) flow transmitter
Worked on guided wave radar level transmitter
Worked on control valves of neles masoneilan, Fisher, valvetek
Worked on Fieldvue DVC 6000 series digital valve controller (Fisher)
Check & calibrate motorized valve (Limit torque & Rotork)
Calibration & maintenance of thermocouple & RTD, S
Calibrate pressure, level & temperature switches
Calibrate pressure temperature gauges
Internal loop check of DI, AI, AO points in control room
Trouble shooting , fault finding on programmable logic controller (plc)
Trouble shooting of vibration monitoring system of turbine & compressor Bentley Nevada 3300, 3500, 7200 system

 Worked with Process control technology India (pvt) LTD. Essar steel surat Gujarat as an “Instrument technician ” from 04-feb-1992 to 06-july-1993

Nature of job

I have experienced of instrument Calibration, Loop checking, commissioning Activities
Impulse Piping & Air Tubing activities & Calibration activities for control valves transmitters safety relief valves, pressure switch, Temperature switch, gauges, loop checking, Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning Activities.

 Worked with ICB LTD. Reliance industries surat Gujarat as an “Instrument technician” from 12-Sept-1993 to 04-August-1995.

Nature of job

Carried out Calibration Loop, Testing, and Function Testing & Fault Finding during Commissioning and startup activities of Compressors utility Boilers Steam Driven Turbines, Gas Generators and other all plant instruments.


Experience Details

General Instrument

Possesses sound command on Pneumatic Instrument as well as Electronic Instrument like Differential Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow Transmitter, control Valves, Controllers, Pressure, Temperature and Flow & Level Switches Turbine, Magnetic & Vortex Flow meter Micro motion Flow meter, Load cell.

Well Versed to Calibrate & Configure the SMART series Instruments with HART Communicator.

Also Possess good knowledge about the workshop Calibration Instruments.

Fire & Gas Instruments :

Possesses good experience of working of F&G Instruments like IR/UV Flame Detector, Line of Sight Gas Detector, Point Gas Detectors, Manual Call Points and sounders etc.

Control system :

Have good command on PLC, DCS, Fire & Gas system (Safe Guard ABB) I have performed Loop Checking, Cause & Effect Checking, Loop Modification and Trouble Shooting on PLC (Allen Bradley, GE Func) and DCS (ABB Advent OCS, Honeywell FCS, ABB Process Portal B, Yokogawa CS 3000).

Vibration Monitoring System :

Worked on Vibration Monitoring system of Bently Nevada 3300, 7200 series. I have good experience of Vibration Probe Installation, Probe health checking and probe characteristics checking.

Analyzers :

Possesses sound knowledge and experience of working on ANALYZERS like Hydrocarbon, Moisture, Oxygen, Conductivity and PH/ORP Analyzers, water in oil Analyzers and Gas Chromatographs.


I have handsome SAFETY awareness against personal safety as well as plant House Keeping, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Confined spaces and Area Classification.
I have good knowledge and working experience according to PTW instruction sound knowledge of Cold, Hot & Spark Potential PTW’s.
Drawings :
I can also read and understand P & ID’s PFD’s, ILD’s hookup Drawings, Loop Drawings & Loop Philosophies.



I worked on different Instruments those made by different companies like.

Control Valve : Fisher, Flowserve, Masonelian, Koso

I/P Transducer : SIEMENS, ABB, Rosemount, Flowserve,

Level Troll : Masoneilan, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Fuji.

Transmitter : ABB, Rosemount, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Fuji.

Switches : SOR, Solartron Moobrey.

Controllers : Honeywell, Fisher.

IR/ UV Flame Detector : Thorn security, DeTronix.

Los (Line of Sight)Gas Detector : Dreager PLMS

Point Gas Detector : Dreager Detronix, General Monitors.

Analyzers : Ametek, Yokogawa, ABB, Maihak, DKK,
Chico Panametrics, water in oil (AGAR).

Calibration Equipment

Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator (Ametek JOFRA, Druck, Guissani)Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator (Ametek JOFRA, Druck), MLC (JOFRA, Honeywell, Fluke, Euroton)Temperature Calibrator (JOFRA), Manometer, Dead Weight Tester (G.H Budenburg, Ametek JOFRA), HART Communicator (ABB Honeywell, Rosemount, Fuji, Yokogawa).

I hereby declare that the above given information is true and correct to the best of knowledge and belief.

Thanking you and assuring you my best and prompt services at all the times.

Mohammad Eiaz Naiyer


Last Updated On 11-Sep-2011

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